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Mail Order Zombie: Episode 045

Mail Order Zombie: Episode 045
Mail Order Zombie: Episode 045.5 - Zombie Beat

This week on Mail Order Zombie, the movie Day X steps up for its MOZ treatment, and instead of a second movie review, we review a comic. Miss Bren just read Volume 1 of The Walking Dead trade paperbacks, so she sits down with Brother D to talk about it (as well as sneaking in a few words about what she's read of Volume 2 so far!). The contest for The Zombie Diaries has come to an end, and the winners are announced, and because we like giving things away (and we have very generous members of the Mail Order Zombie Family who have hooked us up with such great swag!), we'll slip in the launch of a new contest this week, too! We go over the week's emails and voicemails in the weekly Feedback Discussion and add another country to the MOZ World Domination plans when we hear from a new listener in a country we've not heard from before. We also learn why Brother D has started carrying a screwdriver with him everywhere he goes.

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