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Mail Order Zombie: Episodes 043 & 044

Mail Order Zombie: Episode 043

Brother D uses the words "bunny rabbit" way too much this week in Episode 43 of Mail Order Zombie. A bunny rabbit makes its way through one of the three movies he reviews - The Forever Dead, Storm of the Dead and Dead Country. Two members of the Mail Order Zombie family contribute reviews of their own, bringing the review total to four-and-a-half (!) this week. In the middle of all these reviews, Brother D talks about how to get the most amount of movies for the least amount of money, and we launch a new contest in this episode! We have four copies of a 5-Headshot-rated movie to give away! Miss Bren also swings by for the weekly Feedback Discussion, and we're still accepting answers for the current Zombie Aptitude Test question. Can you handle the bunny rabbit? Can you handle the zombies? Can you handle Episode 43?

Mail Order Zombie: Episode 044

Two more movies and a videogame get some attention this week in Episode 44 of Mail Order Zombie. Many, many moons ago, a member of the Mail Order Zombie Family asked Brother D about a movie he found in the discount bin at his local Wal-Mart. The movie? 2004's Death Valley: The Revenge of Bloody Bill. And this week, Brother D finally reviews it. And more recently, another MOZ Family member asked about the movie Rome Against Rome, so Brother D reviews this movie this week as well. A new contributor joins the family to review the videogame Left 4 Dead, and Miss Bren does her best to keep a straight face when she gets a series of strange phone calls while reading emails in this week's Feedback Discussion.

Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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