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zombie_hunters's Journal

Zombie Hunters
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Open to all who love hunting down zombies.

Don't confuse this community with my award winning screenplay.
baseball bats, bashing zombies, brains, burning zombies, chainsaws, cheese, dead zombies, eating zombies, from zombie to kelly, half-zombies, hanging zombies, humping zombies, hunting zombies, izombie, kicking zombie balls, kicking zombies, killin' zombies, killing zombies, naked zombies, poking out zombie eyeballs, road flares, shotguns, stabbing zombies, swords, tooth decay, tripping zombies, zmart, zombie, zombie bologna, zombie bread, zombie brew, zombie cheese, zombie circle jerk, zombie cockroaches, zombie dope, zombie in my pocket, zombie lickin' good, zombie lunch boxes, zombie mart, zombie nerds, zombie odors, zombie on my shoulder, zombie pickles, zombie rash, zombie rock star, zombie rodents, zombie showtunes, zombie std, zombie table manners, zombie world, zombies, zombifried chicken