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Zomb 2.7

In Grand Rapids tonight there is going to be a nationally televised game of Zomb...

Zomb: A one hour long after-dark 450+ man game of a large scale reenactment of a Zombie outbreak with Nerf guns, with the objective of the game being to survive.

We meet up before the game inside Cascade Park(3810 Thornapple River Drive SE, GR MI 49546) at 8:00PM. Bring a Nerf weapon (no melee weapons) so you can play on either side, don't show up without a gun. Humans work in squads and fight off the waves of zombies by shooting them with a Nerf weapon. When shot, a zombie is only temporarily paralyzed for TWO minutes, at which point he can rise up and attempt to kill again. If a human is two hand touched by a zombie, he joins the zombies and begins the fight on their side. Humans attempt to survive, which is increasingly difficult with time, for two hours before trying to escape inside the helipads.

Human: Bring any kind of Nerf weapon, easily found at Meijer’s, Wal-Mart, etc. No paintball, airsoft, or Nerf Melee weapons allowed. When we meet inside Cascade Park before the game starts, you’ll join a squad of other humans who you’ll work together to survive, these people are your brothers. For the MOST fun, bring as many friends as possible, playing with friends makes this game great. Zombies and Humans will separate and the game begins. You must fight and evade the zombies for one hour; you lose and are turned into a zombie if you are two-hand touched. Humans may not camp for more then two minutes. To signal the last five minutes, an air horn will be blown; at this point you should attempt to enter the helipads (read Game Ending Below). If you can battle through the zombies and make it inside, you are a Master of Zomb.

Zombie: You don’t need any weapons at all. You’ll work in large hordes (Bring your friends for the most fun) with other players to win. If you’re shot don’t worry, just stay where you are for two minutes, and then join the fight again. Be careful of pavement. Protect the helipads as the last five minutes arrive.

Game ending: Two helipads are staked down to the ground inside the park, the job of the humans is to attempt to fight their way inside the helipad, and zombies to stop them. Zombies should have about 5-10 feet of distance between themselves and the helipad. Helipads are only accessible in the last 5 minutes of game play, which will be sounded by an air horn.

Starts at Eight PM sharp! Park at 3260 Thornapple River Dr Se Grand Rapids, MI 49546-9137.
It's a bit of a walk, but that's what the people who organized this want us to do. I know this is last minute, but the truth is it is last minute for me too, just got a message about it today.

It should be really fun, but if you can't make it, tomorrow there is a zombie walk! It is at Rosa Parks Circle 132 Monroe Center St. NW, 49503 Grand Rapids, MI

Zombie Walk: A Massive mob of people dressed as Zombies walking together as a massive horde in downtown Grand Rapids on October 30th at 9PM starting at Rosa Parks Circle in grand celebration of Halloween. "Zombie" Outfits are as basic as you want, white t shirts with some ketchup = perfect.

We are doing a charity thing with canned food, so bring some and join us in a nice walk. :)
Also, Pittsburg holds the record of how many zombies they have on the zombie walk...We have to beat them!!!

That's about all I have at the moment, hopefully some of you can come to one. :)

That was at zomb 2.6...yeah, I'm pretty short, but there I am! It's tons of fun guys!
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