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Mail Order Zombie - Episode 036 & 037

One DVD (The Vanguard), one CD (The Dead Matter: Cemetery Gates) and one table top game (Humans!) get a little attention in Episode 36 of Mail Order Zombie (thanks to Lord Dward from Plan 9 From Cyberspace!). Not only do you get to hear these reviews, you also get to hear every ringtone Bren has on her cell phone as she proves just how popular she is when she's interrupted several times while reading y'all's Feedback this week. In addition to the Name-That-Zombie-Movie contest that launched last week, a new contest kicks off for a copy of one of the items reviewed this week, and we're still taking answers for the current Zombie Aptitude Test question.

Episode 036

We didn't intend for Episode 37 to be so Feedback-heavy when we started, but we have so much great discussion-fodder, Bren and Brother D just couldn't help themselves. Before the Feedback Avalanche hits, though, Brother D sneaks in a review of Night of the Living Dorks, and a few members of the Mail Order Zombie Family members also sent in their thoughts of the movie as well. The contest for The Vanguard is still running, and we scour the interweb for zombie news and sightings in this week's Zombie Beat. And because it's his show and he said so, Brother D is extending the Zombie Aptitude Test question one more week, so you still have time to get your ZAT answers in. (Special thanks to Scott and Tracey from Disney, Indiana for the Harry Manfredini audio!)

Episode 037

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