brother_d73 (brother_d73) wrote in zombie_hunters,

Mail Order Zombie - Episode 029

Y'all know the routine - this week in Episode 29 of Mail Order Zombie, Brother D sits down with two more movies to review. The Zombie Chronicles takes it Headshots, and the Living Dead Lock Up saga comes to a close with Living Dead Lock Up 3: Siege of the Dead. In addition to reviewing Living Dead Lock Up 3, Brother D is also going to look back at the entire trilogy and offer a few thoughts on the viewing experience of these three no-budgeters. Bren pops in to go over everyone's Feedback where we hear from a special friend of the show who may or may not have had his hometown overrun with zombies. We're still taking answers for the current Zombie Aptitude Test question, but we start the show out with a solid dose of news in this week's Zombie Beat.

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