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Mail Order Zombie - Episode 028

The Living Dead Lock Up saga continues as Brother D reviews Living Dead Lock Up 2: March of the Dead in Episode 28 of Mail Order Zombie; the movie Dead Creatures will also get its headshots this week. The headshot count this week is low, but the number of news items in this week's Zombie Beat is high with zombie movie, game and theatre news. Bren stops by to take a bite out of the Listener Feedback, and we go over the current Zombie Aptitude Test answers before going over the next ZAT question (which was submitted by one of the listeners!). Also, Dave from the Cheap and Dirty Podcast has his own theory as to how the original Night of the Living Dead became the well-known and -loved classic that it is. (This week's show is a little lighter than normal, but next week we'll be back up to 100-minutes-or-so - I promise!)

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